Justin Koster

Entrepreneur, Coach, Freelance Writer

Hello! My name is Justin and I, well I am a lot of things. I am a Life Coach, Business Consultant, and a Writer. You know as the byline says. I commit myself to grow and improve how I show up in the world every day. Through that lens of self-development, I started down the path to where we are now. I noticed that I enjoy helping others reach higher levels of self-awareness as well. That’s why I became a Coach.

This blog is me bringing my voice to the table. I will have information from podcasts, books, online courses and anywhere else I can find things that can help you find that edge to level up your life.

I help individuals and small businesses to create and achieve ambitious but realistic goals and align with their best selves. This usually involves weekly one-on-one conversations about various challenges that they face and how to overcome them by creating a daily action plan.