Justin Koster

I help inspired people inspire others. Unleash your curiosity superpower.

Hello! My name is Justin and I, well I am a lot of things. I am a father of three immensely energetic and curious children. A partner to my Fiancée Bailey, I am a Coach, Business Consultant, Mentor, Mindset Trainer, Stoic, speaker, leader and a Writer. I commit myself to grow and improve how I show up in the world every day.

A wonderful way of describing myself would say that I am one in a million, and if you are one of the other 8,500 one in a million people that understand where I come from in this massive human population, we should have a conversation.

As it says, I help inspired people to inspire others. The thing about being inspired means that you have a goal so large that you’ll do anything to get it. That means that you’ll make sacrifices, and take action to get it done. But I like to ask a different question to that mindset. What if you didn’t need to sacrifice the things you care about.

From when I was four years old until 23 three I thought that meant training myself in the art of becoming like a Jedi, not seriously, but by creating a meditation regimen that I practiced. From 23 until 31 I thought I was climbing my way up the corporate ladder. Fighting never-ending battles of metrics and KPIs for someone else’s profit.

But then I looked back and saw all the bits of life and wisdom that each experience creates. The way that I effortlessly drew people to me when they needed help. I was a motivational person. I helped people get things done. I didn’t always have the answer they needed. Just the motivation. I inspired others so easily and helped them inspire others.

I knew what I had to do. Now I do it every day. I start each day new and full of potential.

My end goal is to change the way we interact with work. I am aware that its a big task to take on for one person, but I see it as my mission in life to make it so. Every person I help puts me one step closer. Because when you see how amazing your life can be working with me, you’ll want it for your team as well.

This blog is me bringing my voice to the table. I will have information from podcasts, books, online courses and anywhere else I can find things that can help you find that edge to level up your life.