Okay so this is the tool that I came up with to keep myself operating at my best. It came to me as a combination of my daily learning and the core habits that I use to start my day. In this post I’m going to break down what it means, where it came from, and most importantly, how you can use it.

Best optimized self-sequence mindful observations decisions execute. Those are the words that make up the acronym of B.o.s.s.m.o.d.e. The thing I love about Bossmode is that it is self-descriptive. Looking at the words you can get a good idea of what it means and how to use them. You’ve probably heard the phrases “Time to Boss up”, “Like a Boss”, or I am sure there have even been those who have said “Time to go Boss Mode” or some ideation of the two words. I’m not saying I am coining the phrase, but I’m adding to the meaning behind it.

Speaking of which I think we should look past that surface implied meaning. There are so many opportunities to go deeper with each word of the phrase. One of the ideas that led me to this acronym was the daily intention I set with myself to live as the best version of myself that day. At one time of my journey that was live my day as a perfect version of myself. I no longer believe that there is a perfect, only that we can continually grow and progress from who I was the day before and set the groundwork for who I will be the next day. Hence why it is Best. I’m not saying that you can’t be really awesome and impressive, but if you are not making progress what are you doing?

Optimizing is something that we forget to do often. What is the plan? What are the steps? When do we do them? Set it all up. Our mind is set up to make things automatic after all. Do the things that we value and to spend as little energy as we can while doing it. This is also where we make sure that the items that we that we do every day are the items that we do actually value. Track your time spent. Track what takes the energy you make from your food. Track what you feel and what you think? Do they all line up or are you spending that energy running mental laps trying to stay on task?

Still with me? Good because we still have 6 more words to give meaning to. Which happens to be another thing that we do automatically. We make meaning for everything. Why did this happen? How could this happen? What could make this happen to me!? We come up with an answer always and that answer becomes who we are. That’s right who you identify your Self as is based on the meanings you have made up your whole life. So what meaning do you give to life? What does it mean to be you?

To follow our established Sequence we are at the half way point. These are our daily habits. The routines and rituals that we use to make up our day. In some cases we as I said just a few sentences ago, we are not even aware of what they are. They just happen. After a long day at work how do you unwind? That is your post-work routine. Can you start your day without a trip to the coffee shop of your choice? Hello morning ritual. This sequence is automatic and a powerful force in shaping who you are and what you are becoming.

Now we come to Mindful. This one is the result of a mindfulness practice. The meter of how present you are at any given moment, how often you practice and what the goal you have for it is. This one can be tricky with all of the distractions abound both in our physical environment and our digital environment. How do you keep up with all the likes and shares? How do you spend time with those you care about? Where you invest your attention and your presence are huge indicators of what matters to you at the most personal level. Can those around you see and feel that you are there with them in the moment? Or are you somewhere else?

I’m sure that you have Observed everything that you have read so far and are internalizing the ways you can implement this tool. That is awesome and part of the power of the phrase. This is the stage where you start to see the changes. You start to see how the changes that you have made are affecting the way you see the world. You also start to see all the things that could be, and will be if you pick a certain action to take.

Now that we can see the choices that we make every day and how they affect the outcomes of our efforts it’s time to make empowered decisions. You should be an expert at this one by now because no matter where you are in your journey you still decide how that journey looks and what that journey means to you. You know how to get the best and most desirable outcome and now you do just that. You decide to be the version of yourself that you want to be. So that leaves one last stop.

Execute. You have to do it. You can want everything in the world. You can make the best plan with detailed steps. You can have a metaphorical toolbox stuffed to the brim with all of the best tools. None of that will mean anything if you do not do what you say. Take the first step. Then take that step again. Eventually, you will be on the road to progress and the rest will come as you move towards it.

If you use this tool I promise that you will be able to achieve your goals as you live in Boss mode with me. Make sure you stick around and see what we can do with this tool in the future. As I said this is just a surface-level approach to understanding what your Boss mode looks like and what it will become. I would love for you to like, leave a comment, or email me a question if you have any.

Published by Justin Koster

33 years old, Father, Nerd, Coach and Writer. please follow, like and share!

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