B.o.s.s.m.o.d.e. 28-Day Challenge and What Comes Next

I have created a mindset transformation challenge using the methodology I have made for myself. If you haven’t read that post Here it is! It’s chock-full of exercises and questions to get you thinking about what you want in life and what type of work you need to put in to get it.

It does not contain a list of habits you need to follow. It does not place restrictions on any habits that don’t serve you. Honestly it doesn’t force you to do more than question the way you think. It’s simple, but challenging work.

Currently I am working on turning that challenge into a video series. This is all in effort to make my work more accessible to those that are interested in discovering what it is like to work with me. Bossmode is something that I use in my life every day and it is currently helping me plan and execute my exit into solopreneurship. Bossmode works by helping you focus on the things that you really want in life, and then bringing it into the present. Why would you want to live life waiting on the future?

Bossmode is something that I have spent my entire life creating. Although most of that work was in the background. In its earliest stages it may not have had all the phases mapped out or included but at its core it was my attempt to gamify my life. Each letter is like a stage, or level in a game.

Best is like the tutorial; it gives you a look at the way that things will look as you progress through the game of life. Optimize gives you a shot at the first level and then Self would be the first boss at the end of the level. The biggest obstacles that we face when we are trying to change ourselves or circumstances is always our resistance to change. The way things are now is safe. Safety and keeping us alive is our brains primary objective. As your new Bossmode self does “battle” with your old self, your stories and beliefs start to adapt and change. Through exploration and compassion for the past version of yourself that helped you get to this point you find that it isn’t much as a “fight”, but more of a lesson of how you show up in the world.

The experience of that first boss changes the way you see the world and it makes the Sequence level much easier. Habit formation has been one of the biggest areas of study since entering into the personal development world early in my high school years. Now with the new look on what you want your life to be and who you show up as, you can craft the habits that align with who that is. The habits and skills that you want to have in the future are yours for the taking. Sequence is the second level of the game. This is where you start doing work to change the outcome of what your life looks like.

Once you work out what habits make up your new identity the next level is seeing how they change the way you see the game. Mindfulness is the second boss. Again, this isn’t the type of game where you have to fight through every challenge. Life is the type of game where you have to solve puzzles. This Boss mirrors the first in the way that it’s about seeing the world and knowing each event you experience will be assigned a meaning based on how you experienced it. Mindfulness lets us stay present in the moment and manually assign that meaning. You become the new boss of the game.

When you control of the meaning making functions of the game the world responds to you differently. Staying present with how you feel, how you act, and what it all means to you lets you Observe the game and see how you affect it and the other players. As the Boss of your life, you see each puzzle and Decide how to solve it with ease. All that is left is taking on the Final Boss of the game, Execute. Consistently showing up as your B.O.S.S.M.O.D.E. Self is the only way to achieve the win.

The puzzles of the game of life will always be present. Knowing who you are, what you want, and having the inside out understanding of how we work lets you stay at this level of the game and show up as the best version of who you are every day. That’s why I show up in Bossmode and I hope that you will too.

Published by Justin Koster

33 years old, Father, Nerd, Coach and Writer. please follow, like and share!

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