The Machine Keeps Turning

Last week I took a step towards my 25-year plan of changing the world of work by becoming an Agent and a Coach with the Next Level Agency. They provide access to five critical support areas for businesses in my community and nationwide. I want to help businesses succeed and be the voices that bring the change that so many want to see, as I believe innovation comes from curiosity and trying build something new and fresh.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80% of businesses make it through their first year of operations. 50% make it through their first five, and only 10% make it to the 10-year mark. NLA sees this a broken system and dares to be curious about how they can lift those numbers up and help more business owners keep their dreams a reality. They help by providing businesses with finance, coaching, marketing, revenue growth and legal services. They are a one-of-a-kind Super Agency.

I see this as a huge opportunity to find and help leaders who also want to change the world of work by helping them secure their seat at the leadership table. I can’t help but ask myself that what if the leaders of tomorrow just need the tools and mindset to keep going.

This is a bonus that I have for my private coaching business, not a substitute. As a foundational part of what my 25-year plan will be. Showing up with the intent to help leaders get curious and ask the questions to help them change themselves, their team, and the world is what brought me to this opportunity. It allows me to accelerate my goals for the year and live a life of success by my definition.

Now if you haven’t heard of the way a 25-year plan works, I’ll explain it again here. It’s quite simple. If you break each year into four ninety-day periods, you only have to reach 1% progress toward your goal. Think of how little pressure that leaves behind. Ninety days to move the needle the smallest amount. Then show up with your end goal in mind each day. The odds are that you will be able to make more than 1% progress with this mindset.

I look forward to a world where we can all have life harmony in all areas of our lives. That means finding a sense of community, and creating meaningful work aligned with our values. Most importantly that means having access to safe and inclusive environments. We all have a place in the future and as we welcome each other to the table, it gets brighter and brighter each day.

Published by Justin Koster

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