Coaching: What is it? Why should I have one?

When I tell people that I am a Life Coach I get puzzled looks. Then I get questions. Then I start the process of explaining what I do. Simply put, I help people become better versions of themselves. Who doesn’t want that right? As humans we like more, we like better, we like having aContinue reading “Coaching: What is it? Why should I have one?”

Making the Habits

In my first post I briefly talked about habits and how they are created. Repeating any action gives it value. That value makes a neural pathway in our brains that maps out that action. The more that action is mapped out the less energy it takes to activate. So how do we use this toContinue reading “Making the Habits”

The functions of the brain

The Human brain is a fantastic piece of machinery. So much of our evolution went into some of it’s most basic and automatic functions. Think about what it does for you everyday. It takes in all of the information brought together by your senses and combines it with what you have learned in your lifeContinue reading “The functions of the brain”