My Machine Mind

  • Why B.o.s.s.m.o.d.e. Works

    Part One: Best Bossmode is my methodology for my life. It is how my mind works. I’ve built it piece by piece and now it’s really coming together. I have talked about how it works before but this is a little different and it will be a shorter post as a result. I guess IContinue… Read more

  • The Machine Keeps Turning

    Last week I took a step towards my 25-year plan of changing the world of work by becoming an Agent and a Coach with the Next Level Agency. They provide access to five critical support areas for businesses in my community and nationwide. I want to help businesses succeed and be the voices that bringContinue… Read more

  • B.o.s.s.m.o.d.e. 28-Day Challenge and What Comes Next

    I have created a mindset transformation challenge using the methodology I have made for myself. If you haven’t read that post Here it is! It’s chock-full of exercises and questions to get you thinking about what you want in life and what type of work you need to put in to get it. It doesContinue… Read more

  • Personal Values

    Everyone has a set of values that guide their actions and give their life meaning. Even if you are unaware of what they are they are there helping you make decisions and be who you are. When we are aware of what they are and how they impact us, we can use our values toContinue… Read more

  • Becoming Coach Justin

    Many years ago, I unknowly started down the path of becoming a coach. To be honest I didn’t really know what path I was on. I was looking at the future with determination that I would figure it out eventually. I had recently dropped out of college and was working as a breakfast cook atContinue… Read more

  • Self-talk

    There is one place that we will always be. One person that we will always be with. That person that we will always compare ourselves to. The one that we will judge endlessly. That person is you, and that place is your mind. You can try every trick in the book, but those two thingsContinue… Read more